Gentleman Maker’s Intelli-T Raspberry Pi Sensor Alarm #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Gentleman Maker’s Intelli-T Raspberry Pi Sensor Alarm #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

This Raspberry Pi powered tea sensor will make sure you never run out of tea bags. I’m sure you could modify for coffee if tea isn’t your bag. The set up also gives fun audio quips and tips. Via All About Circuits and The Gentleman Maker on YouTube:

The Intelle-T is a tea bag box sitting on an electronic scale that estimates the number of tea bags by weight. The user first turns on the Photon and then places a single tea bag into the pot. From there, the user can fill the container and the system can make an estimate on how many bags remain.

When the user opens the lid a small contact/reed switch is broken, informing the Arduino Uno the container has been opened. This opening action triggers the Raspberry Pi to play a witty message about how great Britain truly is, a fun fact about tea, or how coffee is an inferior beverage.

If the number of teabags begins to fall below a predetermined threshold, the Raspberry Pi will inform the user that the number of teabags is becoming dangerously low.

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