Visualizing Eddy Currents

Visualizing Eddy Currents

If [Electroboom] gives up making videos and decides to become a lounge lizard in the Poconos, we hope he adopts the stage name Eddy Currents. However, he is talking about eddy currents in his recent video post that you can see below.

We know he doesn’t really think he can get the magnet to slow down with one sheet of aluminum foil and that he stages at least most of his little electric accidents, but we still enjoy watching it. Meanwhile, he also has a good explanation of why a copper pipe will slow down a magnet and how eddy current affects transformer efficiency.

His dancing coil demo is entertaining, but we hope you don’t try it yourself and we were very relieved when he brought out the isolation transformer. You might want to watch the video with a roll of aluminum foil and a magnet — that seems safe enough.

Understanding something of eddy currents explains a common superconductor trick, as well as induction cooktops, among other things. Of course, in motors and transformers these eddy currents are undesirable, and that fact influences the design of electromagnetic cores in those devices.

We like videos that entertain and those that teach something. [Electroboom] is always good for both. He does tend to bleep out some of his stronger language. This has led some viewers to automate their enjoyment of his predicaments.